"To face ourselves - that's the hard thing. The imagination - that's God's gift, to make the act of self-examination bearable." (Six Degrees of Separation)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ann Wilson - where is your body??

Once upon a time Ann Wilson, lead singer and powerhouse of Heart, had a body. I became a Heart fan in the 80s when they released "What About Love." I wanted to BE Ann Wilson. I wanted to own her wardrobe. Back then I could see her wardrobe, because she still had a body. But as subsequent videos and albums were released, Nancy Wilson--and her bustier--remained in sight, but Ann's body... disappeared. And has not been seen since. Even in recent photos, even post gastric surgery, even with her first solo album coming out... she's just a disembodied head. So sad, so sad. How does she feed herself?

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the Dad said...

A theme song for this blog...?


the Dad


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