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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The tresses that bind us

India Arie isn’t a big star, but I think she’s a great artist and she’s written a couple great songs on the “you’re more than your appearance” theme. “Video” was her first hit, but she made another song called “I Am Not My Hair” which in girl-land is a Wiiild and Crrrazy Thing to Say!

"I am not my hair.
I am not this skin.
I am the soul that lives within."

Chopping my hair short, getting a bad haircut, etc. has never traumatized me because I apparently *got* this message early in life. But I've seen plenty of women agonize over their tresses. (The funniest time was when a coworker got streaks done at the hair salon in Zellers, and told us all when she returned: "I look like a Zeddy whore!")

The original version I first was a duet with P!nk, but I just found a remix with Akon--whom she did not wish to collaborate with (no kidding, the guy's a dufus) but her label insisted. It’s grounded with some piano and strings and I do like it better. However I do miss the dialogue from the P!nk version.

India: OMG is that P!nk? Why is her hair brown?
P!nk: (deadpan) She must call herself Brown now.

I also miss the line: “People change no matter what you do. Don’t you wish that people did too?”

But the important ending is there, which is in praise of Melissa Etheridge for rocking it out bald-style at the Grammies after her chemo.

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