"To face ourselves - that's the hard thing. The imagination - that's God's gift, to make the act of self-examination bearable." (Six Degrees of Separation)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Help help! I'm being repressed! (or "When Being Radical Goes Wrong")

Apparently the band The Dresden Dolls have this new project, Evelyn Evelyn, where they pretend to be conjoined twins. It's all quite weird and you can read more about it...

critique here
Amanda Palmer's response here

What I really wanted to post was a paragraph from another critique, this one of Amanda Palmer's initial lack of response to the criticism. I think it's funny, and summarizes how I feel about people who (in my opinion) try to be anti-establishment just for the sake of being anti-establishment. I'm not saying Palmer is one of those people, but they do exist, and they are a bit silly.
In summary, I think of Amanda Palmer as the girl who would come over to your house, take a shit on your couch, and then make a self-righteous speech when you got angry about it, along the lines of, "man, you are such a conformist! Society tells you we have to use bathrooms, and you just fall for it, man! Not me! Couches are for sitting and shitting! Why do you hate me for not doing what society tells me to do?"

...And then this quote reminds me of Chappelle...

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