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Friday, September 10, 2010

small cup pride

A new pattern is emerging. Sometime in the middle of the week my work life takes over, I forget I have a blog, and I don't post! Huff!

A week or so ago the New York Times published a story that--surprise!--most women with small chests aren't upset about the fact. They quote the owner of a store that specializes in small bra sizes:

while a small number of her customers come in looking for padded bras and tell her, “Make me as big as you can,” the majority “don’t want to supersize themselves.” Those customers, including ones who are nearly ironing-board flat, “are happy with their bodies,” said Ms. Shing, 42, who wears a 36AA. “It’s a misconception still that you want to be bigger if you’re smaller.”

I don't have anything heavy-deep to say on this topic. Before gaining weight, I used to be small chested, and it never bothered me. So I'm not really surprised to hear that it bothers less women than was supposed. And I'm sure the article won't stop anyone from writing more "do's and don'ts" articles about What Not to Wear.

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