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Monday, March 21, 2011

The amazing powers of the African mango! It will blow off the pounds and BLOW YOUR MIND!!

What comes to your mind when I write "strange fruit?"

An African horned cucumber?

Or a lynching? I think of lynchings. The Billie Holiday song is too firmly etched in my mind, and I don't think I'm the only one. When I googled "strange fruit" this is what I got:


So when I saw this headline ad at the bottom of a news page I was reading, I was taken aback. Tacky tacky tacky. I can only hope the copy writer in question is clueless. Like maybe it's a term this person knows is a popular culture term, but doesn't really know why, and so applied it unconsciously, thinking it pithy and eye-catching. Cause if the person used it to be pithy and eye catching on purpose, then I will need to hurl.

How about weird fruit? Exotic fruit?  Any of those headlines is stupid, however, because (besides their possible ethnocentricism) we're talking about a frikking mango. And be it from Africa or my back yard, I refuse to believe it has magical weight loss powers.

I'd like to try that cucumber, though.


widdershins said...

I think that Billie Holiday would go right past some people these days, they've been so smoothed off by decades of bubble-gum music as a mainstream style.

London Mabel said...

Then someone needs to sing Strange Fruit on GLee! Or American Idol!


widdershins said...

Bwhahahah .... Oooh that is so wicked!

Happy Wanderer said...

I dunno - Strange Fruit seems to have no other definition to me other than what's described in BH's song... then again, I am not 18!

Daniel Spicer said...

Wow..For me it is different kind of information..I don't think so you will definitely loose your weight through a mango..!!

african mango


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