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Friday, March 4, 2011

Brett from American Idol - cut for being too Girl?

Been watching American Idol--yesterday they went down from 24 contestants to 10. I wasn't surprised that one of the show's early faves, Brett, wasn't picked by the people, or the judges.

Brett became popular in part because we learned near the beginning that from a young age he's been teased and ostracized a lot, but he just decided to accept himself and be proud of his different-atude. He also turned out to have a great voice.

But when he performed "Light My Fire" in the Top 12 boys night, I could see why he's been teased. He'd always come off as feminine in the sense that he likes to give hugs, and he's really positive, and encourages everyone--he's Richard Simmons. But during his performance, which was original and he put his own spin on the song without being karaoke, his "girlishness" really came to the fore.

I think if he looked/dressed in a stereotypically gay way, then people would know how pigeonhole him, and he'd seem Outrageously Fun! He'd be Camp! And people would *get* him. But his style looks sort of hippie-rocker, so it's disconcerting. I suspect he got a lot of votes, though--just not enough for Top 10 out of 24.

To me he seems not so much gay as transgender--like the kind of guy who feels like he's a girl. In any case, I really wanted him to continue in the competition. We need to get him Elton John or Lady Gaga's publicists and stylists.

Mind you, put a guitar in his hands and the impression is totally different.


The Merry said...

He reminds me of the actor from The Crying Game, Jaye Davidson.

London Mabel said...

You're totally right!

Anonymous said...

in my opinion im pretty positive hes gay not to be mean to any gay people out there and im not saying it as a bad thing is actually pretty cool but i just think hes got some part of gay in him mabey more than expected.

London Mabel said...

Certainly possible. :-) Sigh, I miss him.


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