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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dr Mehmet Oz - My new fave of Oprah's All-Stars

Fernando and I have been watching the three part special Oprah's all-stars. It's Suze Orman, Dr Phil and Dr Oz on a stage together, answering people's questions. It's alright, it was Orman's idea. Philly is more tolerable than on his show, but not as good as in the old days. Orman's funner cause she's like what he used to be--really tough. But it's Dr Oz who I've really warmed too. The dude is in touch with his feminine side.

I've watched his afternoon doctor show, and it's okay to have on in the background while doing other things, nothing to write home about. He leans towards the New Age side of medicine, which I have ambiguous feelings about.

But watching him on this show, I really like him. For example, in the first episode he was answering questions about poop and farting, and part of Dr Phil's schtick is to make jokes and be all "I'm not with you people" -- while Dr Oz was really passionate about his belief that we're done ourselves a real disservice by creating a society where we're ashamed to talk about bodily functions. He refused to be cowed or embarrassed by the teasing etc. and stuck to his guns.

In the second episode they had a couple on, because the wife complained that her husband's addicted to sports. He has a million TV's everywhere in the house, and watches hours and hours of coverage. They have a small child too. And she was being really nice about it, she obviously loved him a lot, but just wanted him to spend more time with her and the kidlet.

They handed the case to Philly and of course he told the guy to watch less TV, but he was so shmooshy about it, that the dude just wasn't getting it. His basic equation was: Keeping watching less and less until you see the smile return to your wife's face, then you'll know you've struck the right balance. And this guy's reply was: In my defense, as long as the Xs and the Ys aren't playing [fill in the name of two teams--I don't follow US football] I'm willing to turn off the TV!"

Cue our collective eye roll.

In Old Phil Days he would have delivered a much clearer message--the kind that a Nice Average Football Watchin' Dude like this guy would have UNDERSTOOD. Instead the host, Oprah's friend Gayle (who I quite like) noticed Ozzie chomping at the bit and let him jump in.

Dr Oz said: Look, I used to play football, I like watching sports, and I used to watch a lot of sports. I wasted a lot of time in my life, as my kids were growing up, that I will never get back and that I regret now. Those games, you can see them in replays. But your child growing up, your wife--when those moments are gone, they're gone forever.

Something along those lines, and in emphatic tones. Like... turn off the motherloving television.

At the end of the program they each get the chance to say what they want the peoples to take away for that week. Once again, he surprised me by saying something heavier-deepier than we're used to hearing in this sort of forum. He said after a friend of his died they found a journal he'd written, and one thing he wrote was that he wished his children had experienced one moment of real pain. And they were all WTF!

But he fell to thinking about it. And decided, well, pain is the foil of love, it's an inescapable part of life. He said we've gotten too uncomfortable with being in pain, and we need to get a little more comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. In part because we might discover--and he referred back to some things that had been addressed on the show--we might discover that sometimes our fears are unwarranted, and what we fear isn't as painful as we thought it would be.

I tell you, this Oz fella, his emotionally evolved. So far the Oprah Fame Effect hasn't messed him up. I hope it won't.


Simone said...

I don't watch his show much anymore because I find him alarmist. "dont pick your nose because you will get brain cancer"

London Mabel said...

lol You're right, that aspect bores me. "Your lipstick has ebola on it!!"

Anonymous said...

It's just the spock ears that freak me out. lol



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