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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toys get a makeover

I have had a longo longo longo day today, so I am "phoning this one in" as the kids would say. (Kids in the 1970s. Or journalists in the 1970s?)

Glamour has a funny short article of toys that have been given modern makeovers.


lora96 said...

Why must the new strawberry shortcake look like a tarted up, Ariel the mermaid style preteen with a giant head? What is with the giant head trend? (Except of course the new Mrs. potatohead who evidently was forced to do pilates)

London Mabel said...


jonwilson said...

That isn't much of a makeover, is it? I've seen a Mrs. Potatohead like that some time ago. My kid actually wanted it but she already has so many potatoheads.

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London Mabel said...

If you click through to the link it shows and discusses the differences.


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