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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your love in 6 words?

A little while back the New York Times had a story on 6 letter stories to sum up your love story. They featured examples from the original project:

Love hurts. Choose vodka or valium.
There’s nothing sex can not fix.
Finally found love, at age 41.
Note to self: avoid head cases.
Warning, love: I blog my breakups.

And then readers posted their own, usually better:

“ Departure note: I canceled the Netflix.”
“ Met, loved, married 46 years. Alzheimer's.”
“ Love. Splendid thing. Fiery ring. Burns.”
“ In the morning, she made pancakes.”
“ Note to self: No more surfers.”
“ Dog approves; maybe this guy's good?”

My faves:
“ Age 62: Match dot com successful!”
“ Asperger man marries. Everything changes forever."

I tried to come up with one, but it wasn't very clear, so I still have to work on it. My husband and I are going through some Trials and Tribulations right now, working very hard to overhaul our marriage. He came up with this one--extra meaningful since at the moment one of our kitty-tudes is spending the night at the vet  :-(

"We love cats, all that matters!"

Anyone else wanna take a stab at the 6 word love story?


Ladada said...

Like writing haikus - I am unable.

Simone said...

How many days until we leave?

London Mabel said...

Ladada I'll write it for you (for your grumpy days) Too much stuff, get me out!

Lonely pilot finds hot red head?

Simone - lol perfect you little traveling fool!

lora96 said...

Married my friend, having a baby.

Simone said...

thanks for nothing Lora96! now I have "havin' ma baybeh" in my head! GRRRR


grant said...

whata luvley luvley wayatasay you loveme

Simone said...

noooo!! Just when it was out of my head!!!

London Mabel said...

@Lora96 The nice thing about your 6 words is that it leaves out all the nausea, so that you won't have to remember the sick bits for all eternity!!

@Simone... you and your songs-in-head. Down girl!

stormygonzales said...

Found love, he was a liar.

London Mabel said...


lora96 said...

okay, how bout this one?

Barfed 12 times. He's working late.

London Mabel said...



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