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Friday, April 22, 2011

Calm in the face of racism - go Jimmy!

Since I was blogging about political correctness awhile back, this is the perfect follow-up.

I hadn't heard about this young woman at UCLA who posted a shocking "humorous" rant about Asians talking too loud and too often on their cell phones in the library, until my dad told me about it just now.

Here's the original video by Alexandra Wallace, take a moment to watch it:

Besides her wtf-atudinous "ching chong ling long ting tong" routine, why should she care if her neighbor's families come over on the weekend to cook and do laundry? I would have found that lovely. Hello Other Cultural Ideas? Approaches? Ideas of Things? When my husband and his sister lived together they had a nice family living above them, I think they were Indian, who used to bring them vegetables all the time. I don't know why, but isn't that lovely?

The worst part of the rant has to be her callousness towards the tsunami. And in the same video as she talks about her nice girl American manners. Heaven forbid someone had made jokes like that about Americans during Katrina--how would she feel then?

A lot of people responded to her, but this enterprising musician, Jimmy, responded with some humor of his own, and a lot of creativity. Also a must-watch:

Yes, if you're having an epiphany every time you study, you are indeed doing something wrong.

I don't want to rag on the girl, cause she's already gone through death threats, and made her apology. Which is a relief, cause frankly I've seen just as offensive videos or twitter posts elsewhere (usually about gay people) and there was nowhere near this level of outrage, and either no apology, or usually a misdirected apology. (And I'm Thank goshly the unacceptability level for ching-chong-ling-long-ting-tong has at least come this far.

Now if only wa-kunta-koola-lay-lay was also deemed that unacceptable when representing Generic Black Skinned Cannibals. ...Or maybe we could not represent them at all. Not that some people didn't complain about this video when it came out, but most of us were in the minority. (Can you imagine calling a Generic Black Skinned Cannibal "Kunta Kinte" in the United States and getting away with it? Neither can I. But in Canada you can. There's a cultural difference for you.)


Delia said...

So, let me get this straight... Because they're in America, they have to give up their families, whom they've been raised to love and respect, learn "American" manners, which are often not very good, and shut up while you study (God help us) Political Science?

*head asplode*

Kudos, Jimmy.

London Mabel said...

Uhh yep, that's it exactly!

Carol said...

Very creative response from Jimmy. Well done.


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