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Monday, October 10, 2011

My apples

I figured my best tribute to Steve Jobs would be mostly pictorial. My dad isn't a computer-programming type computer geek, but he always liked computers and when it came to Apple he was an Early Adopter. So I associate my writing with Apple computers--they embody a lot of good memories for me.

I think this was our first computer - the Apple II C ? (My dad can correct me.)
Played a lot of Olympics game.

 At one point in early high school we had two computers in our computer room--my brother taught himself some programming on one, and starting in grade 7 I wrote stories on the other. But I don't remember which computers those were.

 My dad bought the first Macintosh. It's so cute! We lurved the drawing program.
 Remember when you could only open one window/program at a time?

Somewhere in high school the folks bought me an electric typewriter, so I wrote a lot of books on typewriter too. And when I stayed with my mum each summer, I used her typewriter.
Meanwhile my dad had a Macintosh Plus, which I used when he wasn't. 
And at some point in grade 11 I had a little second hand computer in my room, but I can't remember what it was. Pretty sure I have some stories on floppy disk that never got transferred over.
I think I inherited the Mac Plus when my dad got the first laptop, so I wrote tons of stories on that, plus my college papers.

I can't remember which computer I had when I moved out, near the end of my BA. But I definitely did my English BA all on a computer.

The first computer that I bought with my money was a second hand LC III.

My first new computer was the second generation of imacs, paid for with a bonus from work when I was first a manager. I used the heck out of that little thing--tons of stories, some Nanowrimo, and my first BA. My foster sister has it now, just for music and photos.

For my MA we bought a laptop, the first Macbook Pro. 

The money came from the extra shifts my husband was doing at the time. And in return it was our first Warcraft compatible computer.

My desk. Why is there a pillow on my desk?
 :-)   Nombly!

It's still my current computer (5 years old! That's like 80 in computer years.)

My second hand ipod, a gift from my brother.
Terrible battery life, but I replaced it myself using a third party battery, so it works nicely now. When it's at home it's hooked up to my kitchen stereo.

Fernando's first computer, inherited from my brother when he went laptop. (That's my brother's first generation imac in the background. Had to convince Fernando to part with it, poor little thing was so oldly.)

And the latest addition to our Apple family, my wee iPad 2.  
Should help me put off buying a new computer for awhile.

 So thank-you Steve Jobs for years and years of computer enjoyment. It's hard to imagine any other way of living now!



Judie said...

WoW! That's a tribute all right.

I got my first computer in 1995 I think. It was so slow while I was waiting for a page to open I'd do my hair, check on it to see if it was open yet... nope. Apply make up, wait...

Years earlier - when I was about 34- I had a job and it was all DOS. I worked with major brainiac's. ahahaha Somehow I muddled through.

About the same time I had a typewriter that had word processing capability I was like 'cool high tech' chick. O.o My daughter was two and she could type words, but didn't have the motor skills to write.

Wow, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

The pics of older computers take me back. I remember those days.

London Mabel said...

Oh yes, dial up internet! Man... once you take a step forward, you can't go back.

widdershins said...

My first computer had a black and white portrait monitor ... I could see an entire page of text at once!!!

London Mabel said...

Now that's just crazy talk.


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