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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daily Newz

Oh I didn't post yet today. Had a cold lately so I'm a bit out of it.

Right now I'm watching the end of the Hannibal movie on tv, just to see how they did it. When I read the book eons ago I was finishing it on the way to work and when I got off the bus I had to sit on the grass and finish it before working, cause it was so weird. I didn't bother reading the third one. -- Ah, they changed the ending. It was indeed nuts.

Harris created a great baddie in Hannibal, but I think he fell too in love with him. ...Or the money, I guess. The first book was spooky and plausible, but the next two increasingly fantastic and romantic.

Meanwhile I'm reading a French book that had a good premise, and I liked two other books by him, but... mehhhhhhhhhh. Trying to speed read the rest. So disappointed. Gonna start the new Wodehouse my dad sent me.

I think I'm going to give my novel a break, and pull up some old short stories to look at, to possibly epub.

And now... perhaps a nap. Slept a ton last night, but still tired. Did I mention my broken rib is hurting again? Ever since I read that article that made me laugh really hard and long. I've been blaming Ms Brownlow for sending it to me.

Hope y'all are in one piece!


ladada said...

Be serious! quit larfing!

Jason said...

The forth Hannibal book was interesting since it is a prequel. It talks about Hannibal's childhood.

They are also developing a tv series on Hannibal. http://www.tvline.com/2012/02/nbc-orders-hannibal-notorious-pilot/

London Mabel said...

@Jason I forgot about Red Dragon, which I quite liked. I just feel like Harris started by writing about sort of realistic sociopaths, and then in Hannibal got into some real melodrama with pig man and the ending. And when I read the summary of Hannibal Rising on wiki, and saw parts of the movie, it just seemed like more melodrama. Not saying it isn't entertaining, but he's sort of romanticizing people who in real life are not that attractive or deserving of pity (when you know what they're really like.) Hannibal's back story seemed like something out of the X-Men!

I hadn't heard of the show. I wonder what it'll be like!

widdershins said...

I barely got through Silence of the Lambs with my sanity intact. Nightmares for weeks. Your're a better horror reader than I am Gunga Din!

Robena Grant said...

Hope you feel better soon.
I get the shivers when I see the title of SofTL. See I can't even write it. : )

London Mabel said...

S of the L didn't spook me. But I did go through a phase of reading John Douglas books--the FBI sociopath expert--and when you read those books... man... I started to imagine a psychokiller was behind every bush!


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