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Friday, March 9, 2012

Homesickness, Wyclef, Doctor Who and a Theory of Time

The first day Fernando and I made our decision about me looking for work out here / moving here for a couple years, we were both excited by the idea. The next day, of course, I crashed into homesickness. I wouldn't be homesick if I knew I was going home for good, but the idea of spending most of the year sans Fernando et kittehs made me a bit sick.

I sat up on my room and cried and finally decided only some TV would help. So I watched the first two episodes of Doctor Who season 1 (the new series). [For those few few who've never watched the series, it's about a time-and-universe-traveling alien, with various Earthling side kicks.]

In the second episode... this is mildly spoilery but won't spoil the central plot of the episode. ;-) In it the characters go into the far future, to the last day before the Earth ends, which makes the Doctor's sidekick melancholy--not only for the end of the Earth, but because she realizes time traveling into the future means everyone she knows has been long dead. But the Doctor fiddles with her cell phone, allowing her to place a call to her mother, still alive in the past. And they travel back in time where the Earth still exists.

It's a nice representation of one physics theory that the past, present and future exist simultaneously. After the Doctor episode I thought to myself: Right now there are multiple points in the past where Fernando, Haley, Minion and I are still together; and right now there are points in time in the future when we are too.

And then I had another cry.

And then I was okay and went to bed.

This thought about Time doesn't stop me from feeling homesick every few days, but it does help me feel more connected to my little family back on planet Montreal.

Today's song is "Gone 'Til November." Because it's about being apart from your loved ones (albeit I'm not off running drugs), and because my first memory of this song goes back to the year Fernando and I were married, when I was setting up our apartment on a beautiful spring day, windows open, sun across the floor, Wyclef's album blasting on the stereo.

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BarbN said...

Hi, London-- and all your bloggy friends are with you no matter where you are! Sorry about the homesickness, it made me sad, too, thinking of you there without your guy and the kittehs. Have you found a job?

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

Hopefully all the angst will be worth it because you'll get the job of your dreams!
Meanwhile, I offer my self as a cyber distraction in any way you need. Just ask! :)

Robena Grant said...

Sorry you're sad, and homesick, but it's natural until you get used to the idea and can adjust. Bi-Coastal arrangements can work very well. Think of all the hot reunions. : ) Also, get Skype. That might help.

widdershins said...

I read this wonderful story where someone misunderstood the meaning of 'homesick' and thought it to mean they were sick of home.
Major life changes are riddled with emotional rollercoasters. The Doctor and bed will cure most of it, most of the time.

London Mabel said...

Thank-you everyone! I do like that there's no difference in terms of my online peeps. Who'd have thought that the internet would be a source of Continuity and Stability! I accept your cyber distraction! :-)

@Barb - I'm still researching and finding ideas of things to apply to, so it's still early days.


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